What Is Shoko?

Shoko, previously known as JMM (Japanese Media Manager) is an anime cataloging program designed to automate the cataloging of your collection regardless of the size and amount of files you have. Unlike other anime cataloging programs which make you manually add your series or link the files to them,  Shoko removes the tedious, time consuming and boring task of having to manually add every file and manually input the file information. You have better things to do with your time like actually watching the series in your collection so let Shoko handle all the heavy lifting.

Did We Mention Its Free?

Most cataloging programs cost money and rightfully so, they are powerful services that offer a lot of functionality and need some way to recoup their costs and development time. However when it comes to Shoko, it's completely free, it's open-source (we're on GitHub) and is able to connect with some of the most popular media center programs out there. We do this because we want to provide the best anime cataloging / anime manager program there is at no cost to the our users. Passion and support is what fuels us and our continued drive for constant improvement.

How Does Shoko Work?

Magic, black magic to be percise.

Metadata from various data gathering sites (data on data action!) such as AniDB, The TV Database and The Movie Database is gathered and complied for use in Shoko to add detailed information about the files and series in your collection. Using this data, Shoko provides you with complete and detailed information about every single file and series in your collection. The main goal of Shoko is to reduce the amount of work you have to by making everything as automated as possible. It’s cumbersome and boring cataloging hundreds if not thousands of files so let Shoko do all that boring work for you. This time saving process is possible thanks to AniDB, one of the most respected anime information repository websites on the internet and it’s vast database of anime related data. Shoko is able to compare your files by hashing each file and comparing them to AniDB’s database which results in your files being recognized, cataloged and immediately ready for playback with absolutely no additional work on your part. In the rare chance there ever is a problem with the automated process, Shoko includes a wide array of advanced tools to identify and catalog any file that was unable to be automatically processd. While there are other anime cataloging programs available with similar functionality, not a single one comes close to providing the same functionality as Shoko. The biggest and most significant difference is the core of Shoko, it uses a client-server based architecture as it’s base while other programs just use a client-based architecture. That sounds too technical so let's break it down. Unlike other programs that are restricted to a single PC, Shoko can be deployed on one computer and accessed by any other computer on the same LAN or connected to the internet. This allows Shoko to be more than just a single program and makes it easy for other programs to take advantage of the information downloaded and compiled by Shoko.

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The Shoko suite is packed with features that we believe are essential for maintaining your ever growing anime collection. However instead of listing every single feature, which would take way too long to type out, we've highlighted some of the key features we believe makes Shoko standout among similar programs.

  • Client-server based architecture allowing for multiple clients to access your collection.
  • A single centralized database that can keep track of your collection no matter where it is.
  • Support for local media, external media such as network drives and media pc's and even cloud support!
  • Multiple user profiles each their own collection, statistics and permissions.
  • Generate anime recommendations based off your ratings.
  • Stream your collection to any device using one of the supported JMM Suite programs or plugins.
  • Advanced filtering and sorting options allows you to display and update your collection data however you want
  • Information repositories such as AniDB, The TV Database and The Movie Database are supported for gathering and updating data.
  • Support for MyAnimeList (MAL) and Trakt.TV for importing and exporting your collection statistics.
  • Support for every single desktop based torrent program for keeping your collection up-to-date
  • Support for multiple torrent trackers (Anime Bytes, BakaBT, Nyaa and Tokyo Toshoka) for downloading
  • Support for advanced file management such as file renaming, missing episodes check, duplicate files check, AVDump and more!

Shoko Supported Plugins and Programs

One of our goal's has always been to make sure our users have access to their collection regardless of device and location and so to accommodate this task we've created programs for use on Windows and plugins for use with some of the most popular HTPC programs out there.

Looking to use Shoko with a certain program but don't see it listed above? With Shoko being open-source anyone can develop a program or plugin for use with Shoko or even contribute to the development of Shoko itself.


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